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#SlydigsOnTour - 10/11/15

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Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin!

There’s a certain irony to my opening gambit this time as I write from what seems to be Captain Ahab’s vessel as it skims the unsympathetic, fucking mountainous waves of the Irish Sea. And may I add, I wasn’t born with the best sea legs so I write in an effort to escape the over whelming urge to ‘donate to the national trust’. We played Glasgow last night, the second gig thus far on what has been a raucous start to any tour support we have ever done. This time we’re in support of a blues, soul group called Vintage Trouble and boy can they play! Moreover, they’re probably the most welcoming band we’ve ever had the pleasure of touring with and I genuinely mean that - which is refreshing these days!

Anyway, I digress…It seems we have got caught up in the whirlwind metaphorically and physically by all accounts, taking into consideration my current 'situation’. “There’s a storm brewing Mr Wayne!” But alas, one shouldn’t grumble considering the show we played last night. What a fucking crowd and what a response! We played The Barrowlands and the place knew how to groove. It’s a 70’s style, roller disco type venue that holds more history than the undeleted web browser of Bill Gates!

A somewhat odd moment occurred after the show when I walked into our dressing room just as our tour manager had caught some sneaky fucker trying to rob our belongings. The lad had some brass nuts I’ll give him that. Put it this way; rather lucky to only get frog marched out, considering the reaction of our tour manager. Shit nearly hit the fan let’s just say that, no pun intended! I mean come on mate! I know you’ve tried your luck and failed but, really? You really thought you weren’t going to get caught? His response was the funniest though, “I was looking for someone”, what, in a fucking bag in our dressing room? Who you looking for, Houdini? Silly sausage so he was!

The ship ventures on as the waves throw us through the canvas from Cairyan to Belfast heading for the gig tonight at The Academy, Dublin. A 4am dart this morning has left me drowsy. I fucking love Dublin, I fucking love the Irish and it will be great to be back! I best join the rest of the crew and try to get some shut eye. Speak soon.

I’ll tell you all about it or maybe Louis will. Tat tar for now x


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